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Why Use The Ultimate Forex Scanner On The Market?

Trading the Forex can be extremely difficult if you have not been trained to look for the right currency pair combinations. Trading the Forex and using old fashioned techniques can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of your investment portfolio.

The forex education and software that Forex Trendy provides is top-notch and offered at a fraction of the cost than other market scanners.

No longer will you have to switch from chart-to-chart to find the best trend. Forex Trendy was designed by traders for traders. This software platform can help you avoid the market condition traps that exist that can be very costly. Now you have the ability to scan all currency pairs, review them by time frame and apply this information to your own personal trading style.

By having this kind of information and tool at your finger tip, you can increase the profitability of any method your trade. When trading without a market scanner like Forex Trendy, you can encounter erratic market chaos which can make you trend direction unclear causing you to make a trading mistake.

Our trading platform allows you to access the most powerful computers available to forex traders which work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find the best possible currency pairs and time frame for you. You don’t have to worry about sitting through hours and hours of forex educational webinars listening to gurus pitch you thousands of dollars worth of tools you will never need or use.

The result of using Forex Trendy is you will the best trading time and nice trend data that will lower your loses and increase your winning percentage. As you may or may not know, trading against the trend can lead to a series of losses you may not be able to recover from, however, trading with the trend can lead to consistent profits. Remember trading within the range can be very risky and unpredictable unless you have been trained by a pro-trader.

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What is the difference between Forex Trendy and other market scanners?

Forex Trendy was designed to give you all the information you will need to be a successful Forex Trader. In fact, most forex robots or market scanners make money with the trend, however, they are known to lose money in extremely choppy or volatile markets. The most common mistake that traders make all the time is thinking they have all the knowledge, not using the right tools and focusing on one specific pair or time frame. With Forex Trading you have to be diversified in your trading style. In fact most traders only trade the major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and USD/JPY. They only watch or trade these currency pairs because they do not have enough trading data and can’t watch more than 4-6 currency pairs. With Forex Trendy you will have the ability to watch and scan 34 currency pairs and their time frames from “minute to monthly”.

Without software it will take you hours and even days to analyze every single chart of all the available currency pairs. With Forex Trendy you will be able to crunch all the data you need in a matter of seconds. In fact you can even make the best trade decision inside of a choppy market.

Forex Trendy Members Area

  • Access to simple to use forex scanner software
  • No complicated ebooks and instructions to read
  • Real-time email alerts and audible signals.
  • State-of-the-art, user friendly interface
  • Ability to select/deselect currency pairs or time frames from
    the auto analysis and so much more.
  • Rapid review of trends on all time frames
  • Automated chart analysis – Easy to recognize “Triangles, Flags, Wedges and Trend Lines”
    on 34 currency pairs and all time frames!

Can Forex Trendy Trade Exotic Currency Pairs?

The answer is absolutely. Forex Trendy is powerful it even gives you the ability to trade the most exotic currency pairs on the market. Such a USD/NOK, USD/SGD or the USD/HKD which gives you more opportunity and advantage to win more trades. Never again will you have to limit yourself to basic forex currency pairs. You can now become a pro trader and share the forex educational knowledge you received as a result of using Forex Trendy. The reason you want to open up your trading style to exotic currency pairs is when one market becomes choppy you can discard it and trade another market that has better overall performance.

With Forex Trend you will all ways have the option of selecting the next best pick and this can be done by using the audible alert system. Our system work 100% independently from your normal trading platform, therefore, you can use any trading platform you like such as NinjaTrader, Metetrader, TradeStation and many more because the software is running on our powerful computers in the great state of Florida in the Unites States.

With Forex Trendy you will get a clean trend to review any time of the day. Unlike other Forex Scanner Software Platforms you can use this powerful tool to generate a massive wealth for you and your family for only a small fee when you create an account. You have now found the easiest and smartest tool for forex traders and once you experience Forex Trendy you will never want to use any other forex market scanner to assist you with making trades.

Your Forex Trendy subscription gives you access to:

Forex Trendy is the #1 forex scanning application and has been recognized my many Pro Forex Traders. Our software has the ability to recognize the most reliable and trusted chart patterns which are ideal for increasing you win percentage when you trade the forex. It works by scanning through multiple charts, time frames and other statistical data then it analyzes every potential currency breakout. After the system has identified the best pattern it alerts you.

Hey, look at USD/NOK on hourly time frame…
the price just broke down from a Triangle!

As you can see the chart with the trend lines forming the triangle and the breakout point are delivered to you so you can make a trade. The trend line looks very solid with a considerable amount of  touching points, so you are prepared for a massive breakout.

Not familiar with pro chart patterns and these industry names? You will get the 30-page ebook with tons of real examples “Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends And Patterns” right after subscribing!

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