Are you frustrated with your Forex Market Scanner?

Look no further. Don’t attend any long forex education webinars that waste your time and money.

Forex Trendy is the world’s top forex trend scanner and is used by thousands of pro traders. The software platform was designed by traders for traders and can be used to focus on the best time for buying, selling or holding a trade. The automated forex scanner can be used to identify up to 34 currency pairs in unpredictable markets.

How Does Forex Trendy work?

Once you purchase access to the forex trend scanner platform you want to connect it with your trade account. Forex Trendy works with NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader and many other platforms and is 100% independent of them. With Forex Trendy you scan multiple currency pairs at the same time and the system can detect market action based on any indicator. The software also will send you personalized alerts letting you when is the best time for buying or selling a trade. Forex Trendy can create an analysis to these charts to provide you with the best timeframe to take action, thus increasing you winning percentage.

Why Do Forex Traders Use Market Scanners?

Unlike other high-priced forex market scanners, Forex Trendy give you more value for your money. Simply put, it works. It can analyze market conditions at a rapid pace. Without Forex Trendy it would take the average trader hours or even days to review and analyze charts. It give traders the confidence that they need to take their trading portfolio to a new level and increase profitability. With Forex Trendy you don’t have to download or install software on your computer, nor do you have to read hours and hours of instructions to set up your account. With Forex Trendy you will receive a forex trading strategy e-book that has 30 pages of market patterns and trends.

It’s highly recommended, not complicated and easy to manage plus it comes with a free video tutorial to get started.

Do You Feel Comfortable With How Forex Trendy Works?

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